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We provide health care regulatory due diligence services that help prepare a client for a sale or simply assess the company’s state of compliance for investors or other partners.  Regulatory due diligence goes deeper than typical corporate due diligence and attempts not only to gauge the company’s exposure within the relevant regulatory rules but also how the company’s compliance program structure and resources may impact the regulatory risk. We routinely partner with other professionals to provide these specialized services to our clients.

We assist clients with current or anticipatory corporate integrity needs with the following services:

  • contract database organization

  • assessment of contract risks and contract legal implications that can affect the value of the company (such as contract renewal issues; rate bargaining)

  • contract standardization

  • contract transferability (assignment) issues/risks

  • assessment of financial covenants (in loans, letters of credit, etc) that could affect sale and renegotiation for more favorable terms in advance of sale

  • technology risks

  • corporate governance assessment (bylaws, etc)

  • implications of corporate management of assessments

  • fair market value analysis